If You’ve Had An Accident Follow These Steps:

1. Turn on flashers and call 911. Get appropriate police and ambulance service.

2. Gather contact information from everyone Involved in the accident including witnesses. Take pictures, say as little as possible, and DO NOT admit fault.

3. If your vehicle is not drivable call for towing. Instruct the driver to tow your vehicle to a reputable Collision Center. If you don’t specify where to tow your vehicle, it will be towed to an impound lot where you will be charged to release your vehicle.

4. If your vehicle is drivable call a reputable Collision Center and schedule an appointment.
Arrange for a loaner car if needed.

5. To ensure you don’t have any spinal or soft tissue injuries, Immediately schedule your FREE post accident consultation at Zeiszler Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. (952) 432-0700.

6. You may want to contact a personal Injury lawyer at this time.

7. When the above steps are completed contact your Insurance agent.

It’s Important to have proper medical documentation to be reimbursed for your medical costs.

A qualified chiropractor can Identify, correct and document whiplash and soft tissue Injuries.


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